Weekend, please don’t leave me… Oh and a workout challenge

Don't Leave

Where has the weekend gone to? Is anyone else feeling that it has just blown by?? I must say, I am not keen for work tomorrow. I really just want a sleep in, I feel like I have hardly slept over the past two days.

Before I hit the sack tonight I must clean my kitchen, workout and then shower so I am going to have to get off to it but before I do I thought I would put out this challenge I am about to do.

So what exactly is this challenge? Well… it’s 20 minutes, 4 exercises and you have to complete as many sets of 10 of each exercise consecutively (meaning no rest periods) in the time frame!

The exercises are:
* Jump squats – how to
* Xfit situps – how to (You don’t need the abmat)
* Star jumps (I think we all know how to do this one right?)
* Hand release push ups – how to

I am going to do this on a weekly basis for the next 10 weeks to see how much I improve. Since I am training at least 4 days a week, I am expecting some pretty good results!


If anyone does this, please leave share your results, I love to hear other people reaching their goals, I find it so motivating!!

Oh and here is a photo of me hanging out with my kitten earlier today haha

Hanging out with my kitten


One thought on “Weekend, please don’t leave me… Oh and a workout challenge

  1. Just to fill you in, my first challenge I completed 10 full sets of all 4 exercises and then an additional full set of the star jumps and squat jumps and 7 reps of the hand release push ups.
    NOTE: I changes the order as posted above to;
    * Star jumps
    * Squat jumps
    * Hand release push ups
    * Xfit sit ups
    Goodnight bloggers

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